I’m Camille, a 22-year old based in Brussels. Some of my personal interests are travel, food and photography – although I’m not very practised at this last one just yet. My travels have taken me to Vietnam and all around Europe so far, but I’m always looking to expand them some more.

On est chemin means as much as Let’s go! It’s a bit of a wordplay mixing both Dutch and French. And it definitely tells what this blog is mainly about: travelling, while being based in Brussels. And the mixture of the two languages also summarises Brussels quite nicely.

I started this blog as part of my Journalism studies, but decided to go on with it and see where it takes me. Apart from travelling and living in Brussels, I’ll also try to get you exited for the different cuisines I encounter along the way. From Vietnamese egg coffee to Pasta al Ragù.

I hope to be able to spark your interest and please feel free to contact me if you wish to work with me! On est chemin!